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Consuming the service

Which OData methods are currently supported by Hubway Connect?

Hubway services currently supports HTTP requests through GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods.

I am prompted to Sign in when I launch the Test or Production service links. What do I do?’

The Sign in prompt indicates that the Project Admin has configured this project for Basic OutSystems Authentication...

Can you give examples of invoking my Test or Production service links with the supported OData methods?

The below table illustrates the list of functions, taking the Entities from the Order Management app as an example. Note:...

How can I get the metadata definition for my Hubway Connect service?

Launch the Test or Production service links in your Chrome browser and enter the credentials. The first line will have the link to the metadata definition...

How to GET data from my service using Postman?

Taking Order Management as an example, let us assume that we want to fetch all the OrderItems...

My Project has multiple entities with the same name. How to differentiate them while invoking the service link?

The same name can be used for multiple entities if they are part of different modules...