Leveraging Hubway
Connect for a smooth
transition from O11 to ODC

OutSystems customers are contemplating a shift from the established OutSystems 11 (O11) platform to the innovative OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC) platform. While rebuilding applications and migrating data can be challenging, Hubway Connect can smooth your transition, allowing you to plan your upgrade with a phased approach

Transition from O11 to ODC - Hubway Connect

Have you considered coexistence?

No one wants to rebuild an existing application that is still meeting their business needs; it is, however, recommended that ODC be adopted for new applications. How can OutSystems customers enjoy the benefits of ODC without reinvesting in applications that don’t require evolution? ODC and O11 need to coexist so you can get the best of both platforms.

Leveraging Hubway, the no-code OData connector, to ensure the seamless coexistence of O11 and ODC applications

While adopting the new ODC platform, the recommended approach is to start building new apps in the new platform while translating the existing O11 apps in a phased approach. To enable this, ODC apps need to be able to integrate with existing O11 applications seamlessly. This approach enables organisations to minimise additional development efforts and maintain business-as-usual (BAU) applications currently running in O11 while speeding up ODC adoption.

Hubway Connect offers a no-code solution to create and manage APIs, facilitating smooth data flow between ODC and O11 solutions. OData’s robust and flexible features, including filtering, sorting, attribute selections, and joins, ensure effortless interoperability within the OutSystems ecosystem. By leveraging Hubway Connect, businesses can accelerate their adoption of the ODC platform without disrupting their existing O11 applications.

O11 to ODC Diagram

Paving the way for a hassle-free transition. With Hubway Connect, businesses can embrace the new possibilities offered by the ODC platform, propelling their digital transformation efforts to new heights.

Seamless Integration


Uses Industry-standard technologies, RESTful and OData, supported by the most popular analytics tools.



Hubway Connect was built to work with OutSystems’ data layer and metadata, designed with the guidance and supervision of OutSystems product management.



Robust security features allow customers to design APIs according to their established policies and security guidelines.

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