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Create a Project:

Define auditing levels and security settings. On a visual diagram, select the database entities/tables from any OutSystems app currently running in your environment.

Deploy the API:

Test the API endpoint in the test environment and push the settings to the production environment in one click. You can use tools like Postman to explore the powerful OData query options.

Connect and visualise:

Connect your preferred data visualisation tool (Power BI or Tableau) to the API URL using an OData feed connector, and you’re done! The API endpoint can also be used to feed API gateways or client apps.

Keep your APIs updated

Easily and safely update and extend your APIs entities and parameters using the version control capabilities.

Main Features

Centralised APIs Management

Centralised API Management​

Easily choose the data to be exposed​

Comprehensive governance & compliance​

OutSystems Enterprise API Gateway​

OutSystems Enterprise API Gateway​

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