Reports backlogged for months delivered in less than a week

Serco Case Study

The Customer

Our customer is a leading £3 billion global provider of essential public services in various industries, employing more than 50,000 people in ANZ, the Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

The Challenge

A Product Owner was manually generating reports from their OutSystems solution. This involved extracting files from the application database, processing the data in Excel and uploading it to the company’s enterprise data visualisation tool, Power BI, to create dashboards. Slow and error-prone, this approach led to reports being backlogged for months. Our customer set about finding an improved method of accessing and leveraging the data from their application.

The Solution

Hubway Connect now enables the Product Owner to quickly create the APIs needed to provide real-time application information to their Power BI tool. The accelerator allows dashboards to be delivered to business managers in no time through an automated data synchronisation process. Also, business managers can refresh their reports autonomously. With Hubway Connect, our customer was able to clear their reporting backlog in less than a week.

The Results

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