Data staging migration to Hubway Connect saves money and allows faster access to data

Certis Security Case Study

The Customer

Our customer is a leading security provider that develops and delivers multi-disciplinary security and integrated services. The company anticipates problems and provides innovative solutions tailored to any industry.

The Challenge

Our client’s developers were building heavy data synchronisation mechanisms and custom APIs to make transactional data from their OutSystems applications available for Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting purposes. Recognising that this approach could have been faster and more efficient, the company sought a better way to access their OutSystems data.

The Solution

With Hubway Connect, business users without development experience can now create APIs that quickly and easily access data from the company’s OutSystems applications. They no longer have to wait for developers to custom-build APIs. Our customer uses Microsoft SSIS to integrate with Hubway Connect for data synchronisation. The incremental loading mechanisms provided by Hubway Connect make the data migration process fluid, even with high-volume transactions that can exceed 1 million new monthly records.

The Results

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Reports backlogged for months delivered in less than a week

Hubway Connect APIs empower data analysts to provide insights to the business