Removing dependency on developers for reporting needs

New Castle Coal Case Study

The Customer

Our customer is a leading coal distributor integral to Australia’s coal supply chain. With facilities including rail, coal storage, ship loading and associated infrastructure, they ensure a reliable and continuous coal supply from Australia to the world export market.

The Challenge

This coal distributor was attempting to work with the underlying database of OutSystems itself to connect with their OutSystems hosted data. This underlying connection was being utilised to enable a third-party security/authentication feature and was their only way to access data directly. This approach was difficult to understand and work with. This prompted the company to find an alternative solution as they did not have the internal technical qualifications to be working with the Microsoft SQL Server technology directly.

The Solution

Hubway Connect now enables the company’s Business Intelligence (BI) team to quickly and easily create their own APIs, providing them with direct access to information they need from their OutSystems application for business analysis and reporting purposes. Any changes to their underlying data fields can be captured by modifying the existing Hubway API with a few clicks.

The Results

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