Mission impossible reports delivered in time for the auditing process

GPT Case Study

The Customer

Our customer is a diversified property group that owns and actively manages a $32.4 billion portfolio of high-quality Australian office, logistics and retail assets. The Group leverages its real estate management platform to enhance returns through property development and funds management.

The Challenge

This customer needed to generate reports quickly for an imminent auditing process, so they devised a data staging strategy to gain the data they needed from an application. The strategy involved a heavy data synchronisation mechanism, data transformation with complex business logic and a connection with their data visualisation tool. Complex and unwieldy, the strategy generated so much technical debt that a team of developers and business intelligence (BI) staff were struggling to meet the deadline. It seemed a mission impossible.

The Solution

With the help of Hubway Connect, they were able to deliver reports in time for their auditing process without the help of developers. The accelerator enabled the BI team to quickly and easily build the APIs they needed to automate data transfer from the application to a data staging solution, which in turn powered their data visualisation tool. AWS Glue was used as the ETL tool for data ingestion, while AWS S3 was used for the data lake. Due to Hubway Connect’s incremental loading mechanisms, they were able to access large data volumes and generate reports quickly.

The Results

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