Hubway Connect provides GPT with quick and easy access to OutSystems application data

Hubway Connect provides quick and easy access to OutSystems application data

The Customer

GPT is a diversified property group that owns and actively manages a $32.4 billion portfolio of high-quality Australian office, logistics and retail assets. The Group leverages its real estate management platform to enhance returns through property development and funds management.


The Challenge

The Australian Government issued a rent-relief measure in light of the Covid-19 crisis, necessitating GPT to rapidly assess most of their rental agreements. GPT, with the aid of PhoenixDX, launched a rent reduction solution that empowered their staff to renegotiate rental contracts with clients during the pandemic. The solution also involved numerous API integrations and a sophisticated data synchronisation mechanism to access the required data.

After the pandemic, GPT developed a second iteration of the rent reduction solution for use across its retail and business office sectors. However, this necessitated a reinvestment to rebuild the APIs and data synchronisation mechanism, as they were only compatible with the first application version. Understandably, the company wanted to avoid going through this expensive and time-consuming process, prompting them to seek a more efficient solution to this predicament.


The Solution

While evolving from the first to the second version of the rent reduction application, GPT embraced new technologies such as AWS Services and implemented significant enhancements to its data management capabilities, restructuring the company’s data architecture.

A pivotal step in this journey was the integration of Hubway Connect, an OData connector introduced by PhoenixDX to generate all the APIs they required without any coding. By eliminating the need for developers to rebuild APIs and data synchronisation mechanisms during the second rent reduction project, GPT saved approximately 4 weeks of development time and costs. 

Using Hubway Connect, GPT’s staff could quickly and easily create their own APIs to access the information they required for the second version of their rate abatement application, significantly reducing the time taken to produce reports in Tableau.


“Before, it would take us 5 days to build an API. With Hubway Connect, we can have a report ready in a few hours!”

– Digital Platform Manager, GPT


Further, by seamlessly combining Hubway Connect with the robust capabilities of AWS, OutSystems, Snowflake, and Tableau, GPT unlocked the potential of their new technological ecosystem and their OutSystems data.


“The good thing about Hubway Connect is that we can go beyond extracting the data we need for reports from our rent abatement application.  We can access data from any of our OutSystems applications very quickly and without extra cost. So we are no longer limited in the data we can access and apply to the business.”

– Digital Platform Manager, GPT

The Results

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