Hubway Connect empowers quality reporting and frees development resources for strategic priorities

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The Customer

Force Management is a US-based company that partners with clients to transform their sales organisations, focusing on increasing sales revenue, sales margin and market share. The company recently developed their Ascender® application to support its customers by providing them access to sales best-practice content, courses, certifications and community opportunities, including forums, advice and events.


The Challenge

The company sought to empower their data analyst with the ability to independently create customer and internal reports for their Ascender application, leveraging an analytics tool rather than relying on developers to craft them. The primary hurdle lay in extracting data from the OutSystems database and seamlessly integrating it into this tool. However, the company was keen not to burden its developers with the arduous task of coding APIs for data integration or building bespoke visual reports using typical development processes. What they truly desired was an efficient solution to access Ascender’s data for both internal and customer reporting and data exploration needs.


The Solution

Force Management began a search for a tool that would allow the company to tap into and easily integrate its Ascender data with the company’s data visualisation tool, Microsoft Power BI. The company looked at multiple options but soon discovered that apart from Hubway Connect, there were few if any other providers in this space that could offer a track record of delivering easy data connections and integrations. 

Using Hubway Connect, Force Management’s data analyst is able to quickly and easily create APIs that connect Ascender data with Power BI. No development work, highly-skilled developers or complex integrations are required. The connector not only provides the data analyst with direct and secure access to Ascender data but also helps them access other data sources as well. The company has already initiated some customer reporting and has created dashboards for internal team members with trial reporting to be rolled out shortly.

“The biggest benefit of Hubway Connect is that it allows us to spend our development capacity on things that can help improve engagement and bring in revenue rather than wasting that capacity to build reporting capabilities.”

– Julie Leonard, VP Software Research and Development, Force Management


The Results

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