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How to Supercharge Your OutSystems API Management

Previously, retrieving data from OutSystems applications required manual creation of APIs. But with Hubway Connect, this process is automated, saving time and effort.

Hubway Connect is a central interface to build and manage APIs.

Simple to connect to other applications

Hubway Connect uses standard-based technologies, such as RESTful APIs and the OData protocol, which are supported by the most popular analytics tools. The entry barrier and the adoption challenges in any enterprise landscape are significantly reduced by using this protocol.

Seamless integration with OutSystems

Hubway Connect is built to work with OutSystems’ data layer and metadata, and has been designed to work on the cloud but also to be up to date with any OutSystems version

Built-in security

Hubway Connect has robust security features that allow customers to design APIs according to their established policies and security guidelines.

Ready to see Hubway Connect in action? Watch our demo or sign up for our free trial today!

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