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What is API integration in OutSystems?

There are several ways of creating an API integration in OutSystems (or rather from Outsystems)

Integrating functionality

OutSystems offers out-of-the-box APIs that enable you to expand the functionality of your applications. These APIs provide access to OutSystems’ internal functionalities and support extensions to the platform. For example, by leveraging the Lifetime API one can integrate their own DevOps platform to implement CI/CD with the OS platform. This approach gives you access to an extensive range of functionalities but not to the data.

Data integration using integration builder

Integration Builder

OutSystems provides Integration Builder, a Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows you to implement complex integrations between an OutSystems application and your enterprise Systems of Records like SAP or Salesforce. Integration Builder is focused on consuming external data only, so it doesn’t offer capabilities to expose data out of OutSystems.

Currently, Integration Builder supports:

The traditional approach: Creating an API from scratch

Outsystems offers the low-code way of creating an API directly from Service Studio, available in the Logic Tab:

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For a step-by-step guide, click here


The no-code way: data integration using Hubway Connect APIs

Hubway Connect is an API builder that allows users to quickly create, configure and manage OData connections (APIs), thus granting access to data stored in OutSystems and other databases.


Hubway allows users without any development skills to build APIs. This no-code approach eliminates API development costs and allows business users to self-serve data, freeing up development teams to focus on other mission-critical development projects. The process is 100% visual and intuitive, and the tools are effortless.

Hubway Connect provides a centralised and standardised view of all your API portfolio in one dashboard, allowing you to explore, discover and visualise your data projects easily.  You can create, change and test your projects in a non-production environment and only deploy the final version when ready. Hubway Connect also provides complete control over your API versions, allowing you to work on new versions in parallel without disrupting previous versions and discontinue old versions when you need API staging for safe deployment across environments.

For step-by-step instructions, please follow this link.

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