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Release 2.4 with enhanced security and improved security governance

Enhanced security: now the sophistication of OAuth2 authentication can be leveraged in Hubway Connect

Runtime authentication through OAuth2

Hubway Connect has enhanced its security layer by incorporating OAuth2 authentication. This feature facilitates seamless integration with external identity providers like Okta, Ping, and MS AD (Entra ID). This feature is part of a customisable authentication mechanism empowering developers to create authentication modules. It enables the authentication scheme extension during the design phase, efficiently accommodating any specific business requirements.

By elevating security governance with Lifetime integration, we have integrated Hubway Connect with Lifetime authorization. This allows Sys Admins to restrict user access to data entities based on their authorized apps and modules within Lifetime’s user permissions. As a result, this enhancement ensures that infrastructure privileges are upheld, providing a robust and controlled data access mechanism.

Easy self-service learning for users

Easy self-service learning for users
To enhance user experience, Hubway Connect now features an API Tutor, providing comprehensive guidance on interacting with the platform’s APIs and the OData protocol. With an auto-generated, context-based documentation page, users can swiftly grasp the API’s intricacies, fostering a smoother learning process and efficient interaction with the APIs.

The API Tutor documentation automatically generates common use cases with the OData protocol, utilising an actual project as the foundation. These scenarios cover simple records listing, filters, sorting, expand/associations, result set customisation, handling custom entities, and more. Gain deeper insights into the supported OData functions for an optimised usage experience.

To access the new feature, go to the API Builder, open a project you’d like to explore and click the ellipsis link at the top-right corner. The link “Learn how to use OData…” will take you to your API guide.


Improved project search makes it even easier to manage projects

Improved project search makes it even easier to manage projects

Additionally, Hubway Connect Builder now enables end-users to locate projects using entity names, facilitating efficient dependency mapping and API discovery swiftly. This update streamlines identifying where a specific entity is being utilised and allows users to search for projects by their respective service names.



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