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Hubway Connect is now available on AWS Marketplace

Hubway Connect on AWS Marketplace - OutSystems API Builder for seamless data connectivity for businesses worldwide.

Discover the power of seamless data connectivity with Hubway Connect, now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, the global leader in cloud computing. 

We are excited that businesses can now easily obtain Hubway Connect through AWS’s trusted digital catalogue. This launch marks a pivotal moment, showcasing our strengthened ties with AWS.

Accessing and analysing vital business data is crucial for organisations’ competitiveness. Hubway Connect is a no-code API builder that allows non-developer users to quickly create, configure and manage OData connections (APIs), giving immediate access to data stored in OutSystems and other databases. This allows businesses to complement their analytics strategies, generate reports or integrate data from multiple applications.

Joao Melo, Head of Product Delivery at Hubway Connect, emphasises, “Launching in AWS Marketplace expands the reach of Hubway Connect. There are many benefits for our customers. Hubway can now be made available to OutSystems customers worldwide, with 24/7 purchase availability and a seamless purchasing experience.”

AWS Marketplace offers a streamlined platform for customers to explore, purchase, and handle third-party software, data, and services. It simplifies the procurement process, empowering businesses to leverage innovative solutions effortlessly.

There are many benefits to purchasing Hubway Connect via AWS Marketplace, including:

Experience the potential of Hubway Connect on AWS Marketplace today.

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