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Revolutionising Data Integration and Interoperability: The Hubway Connect Story

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses globally faced unprecedented challenges that demanded innovative solutions. For our customer, a major property management company in Australia, the urgency was amplified as they grappled with the monumental task of renegotiating thousands of contracts virtually overnight. We recognised the need for fast, data-driven decisions to navigate the evolving landscape of government regulations and customer support.

To meet the immediate demands at this pivotal moment, PhoenixDX developed a bespoke application that could rapidly access and consolidate data from diverse databases. However, the complexity of the project, which required the creation of numerous APIs and a restructuring of data architecture, inadvertently slowed down the application’s delivery and subsequent reporting. This challenge proved to be the catalyst for the birth of Hubway Connect.

Hubway Connect is more than just an API builder; it’s a revolutionary add-on designed to simplify and expedite the extraction of data from OutSystems applications. Typically, post-application development demands additional time and resources to create APIs for data extraction – a process that is both time-consuming and costly. Recognising the need to streamline this aspect of the development cycle, PhoenixDX created Hubway Connect, which not only automates the generation and management of APIs but also empowers enterprises to build robust systems of record on the OutSystems platform.

The impact of Hubway Connect was quickly evident as our customer, the property management company, faced with the prospect of spending weeks redeveloping APIs, opted for this innovative solution. By choosing Hubway Connect, they transformed their original application, obtaining new reports in record time – far surpassing the speed at which a team of developers could have constructed APIs.

To explore the capabilities of Hubway Connect, check out their demo and start a conversation about how this innovative solution can benefit your business.

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