About Hubway Connect

Hubway Connect is a product startup with the purpose of allowing non-developer users to create, configure and manage data connections (APIs) to quickly and easily access data held in your OutSystems applications. It’s the no-code way to get more value from your data. Currently the product design and development team are based in Sydney, Australia.


Challenging times present a massive opportunity for digital transformation. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we faced many challenges that had one thing in common: organisations needed to access their data fast! So many decisions needed to be made overnight, and they were under extreme time pressure to reinvent how they worked.

Organisations needed to make fast, data-driven decisions that supported their customers while meeting rapidly changing government restrictions and regulations. We facilitated many data pipeline implementations to make OutSystems data available for analytics and interoperability. 

We identified an opportunity to create a product that could be deployed many times and deliver best practices in terms of APIs Management while protecting the most valuable asset of any business, its data.