API development

It is widely recognised that the traditional approach to developing APIs is slow, expensive and error-prone. Add to this the hurdles of maintaining and evolving custom-based APIs and the training and maintenance needed for teams to consume them, and it’s clear that the existing data access experience is far from ideal. With  Hubway Connect, non-developers can quickly and easily create OData APIs.

Business decisions

Businesses need access to a broad range of data in a controlled manner to support high-quality decision-making processes and reporting. Through Hubway Connect, data visualisation tools, such as PowerBI, Tableau, Excel and others, can easily connect businesses to data held in their OutSystems applications.

Data synchronisation

With Hubway Connect’s OData connector, non-developers can quickly create OData APIs, speeding up the implementation of data pipelines. These pipelines easily synchronise data out of OutSystems databases into staging areas based on modern data lake or data warehouse solutions, such as Azure Data Factory, Snowflake, AWS S3, etc.