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  • What advantages does Hubway Connect offer my customers?

    Hubway Connect is a groundbreaking solution that overcomes a common challenge that 9 out of 10 OutSystems customers face when seeking to access their application data. The solution was developed in direct response to our customer feedback. With Hubway Connect’s OData Connector, business users no longer have to enlist the help of developers to create the APIs and complex data sychronisation mechanisms traditionally needed to access data from their systems. Instead, Hubway Connect allows non-developers to quickly and easily configure their APIs to access data from any of their OutSystems applications and apply it for various business purposes. Using Hubway Connect, customers can increase efficiency and productivity and significantly reduce development costs.

  • How will Hubway Connect increase my business opportunities?

    As a Hubway Connect partner, you will have an exclusive opportunity to stand out from the competition and get ahead of the data accessibility game. Your customers are already looking to optimise their data access experience. By aligning yourself with Hubway Connect, you can position yourself as a trusted partner who can help them solve one of their most vexing challenges. We fully support and enable you to assist your customers to introduce and leverage this game-changing data access solution. As a partner, you can ensure your customers have the best tools and support. Together, we will be at the forefront of a new era of data accessibility.

  • What benefits can I expect from partnering with Hubway Connect?

    Hubway Connect:

    • Delivers you a passive subscription income while your customers self-service the solution.

    • Allows you to focus on high-value rather than low-value services.

    • Empowers your analytics teams to deliver high-quality BI/Analytics projects to your customers.

    • Provides you with recurrent commissions on a software product.

    • Allows you to generate additional revenue from related advisory services, i.e.

      • App-specific assistance

      • BI/Analytics engagements

      • Cross-sell opportunities.

  • How can I position Hubway Connect with my customers?

    API development

    It is widely recognised that the traditional approach to developing APIs is slow, expensive and error-prone. Add to this the hurdles of maintaining and evolving custom-based APIs and the training and maintenance needed for teams to consume them, and it’s clear that the existing data access experience is far from ideal. With  Hubway Connect, non-developers can quickly and easily create OData APIs.

    Business decisions

    Businesses need access to a broad range of data in a controlled manner to support high-quality decision-making processes and reporting. Through Hubway Connect, data visualisation tools, such as PowerBI, Tableau, Excel and others, can easily connect businesses to data held in their OutSystems applications.

    Data synchronisation

    With Hubway Connect’s OData connector, non-developers can quickly create OData APIs, speeding up the implementation of data pipelines. These pipelines easily synchronise data out of OutSystems databases into staging areas based on modern data lake or data warehouse solutions, such as Azure Data Factory, Snowflake, AWS S3, etc.

  • Does OutSystems endorse Hubway Connect?

    During the development of Hubway Connect, the OutSystems product management team worked closely with our product engineering team, providing guidance and support. A technical alliance agreement with OutSystems is underway to gain formal commercial endorsement and “officially sponsored” status for the Hubway Connect solution.

  • How easy is it to install Hubway Connect?

    Installing Hubway Connect and getting your first APIs up and running is simple. For information on tools that will help you instal the product, as well as new releases and regular product updates, please sign up for our newsletter.

  • Can I independently install, set up and provide training for Hubway Connect without external help?

    Yes. As a Hubway Connect partner, your team will receive comprehensive documentation and training from our experts to enable you to carry out a self-paced installation independently.

  • Does Hubway Connect engage with our partners’ customers after onboarding, say when there is a new release?

    Yes. Hubway Connect communicates directly with end-users post-onboarding to inform them about new features and product updates. We also conduct Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys via the solution to collect product feedback that we use to improve the data access experience.

  • If a customer approaches Hubway Connect directly, how is their enquiry managed?

    Should potential or existing customers contact Hubway Connect directly, identifying you as their partner, any support, services and sales are conducted under the Hubway Partnership Agreement. 

    As a partner, we provide a unique affiliation link that allows you to sign customers up for our Trial on Cloud under the Partnership Agreement. 


    Nevertheless, the option remains for customers to purchase Hubway Connect directly from us if they so wish.

  • Who are the key buyer personas and influencers we should target?
    • IT Managers

    • Heads of IT or Development

    • Systems Managers

  • Which stakeholders on the customer side should we focus on?
    • Solution Architects
    • Technical Leads
    • Practice Leads
    • Business Analysts/Product Owners
    • Developers
    • BI & Data Analytic Teams
  • You will need to provide a completed Hubway Connect Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) and an End User License Agreement (EULA) countersigned by your customer.

  • Please refer to our terms and conditions in Hubway Connect’s MSA and EULA.

  • Yes! The terms & conditions are specified in our Partnership Agreement.

  • The reselling process is easy, taking only a few days from agreement signoff and product installation to customers generating their first Hubway Connect APIs. If you can do the initial setup yourself, this is even faster.

  • Who is responsible for customer invoicing?

    The partner is responsible for customer invoicing, with licenses issued once the invoice is issued.

  • Are commissions paid upfront or on an ongoing basis?

    Commissions are paid within 30 days of the invoice date unless specified otherwise in our Partnership Agreement.

  • How are commissions paid?

    Commissions are paid from the retail price of the invoice. The partner invoices their customer for the full retail price, and we invoice the partner for the retail price minus the commission.

  • How can I gain access to Hubway Connect?

    You can easily sign up for a free Trial on Cloud through this link:

    Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk with our experts, simply contact us at, and we will arrange a one-on-one demonstration that provides you with a deep dive into the product’s capabilities and the opportunity to have your questions answered.

  • What is the installation process for Hubway Connect?

    Our team connects you with OutSystems Administration and handles everything for you. 

    We install Hubway Connect’s 3 components: 

    • Builder: a web application data owners use to build APIs, installed in a non-production environment, normally Test/UAT/Pre-Production.

    • Runtime: the backend mechanism that makes the APIs available, installed in the Production Environment.

    Probe: a small component to handle API deployments across environments, installed in Lifetime.

  • How many Application Objects (AOs) does Hubway Connect consume?

    In production (runtime component), Hubway Connect only consumes up to 65 AOs. Besides, one can build as many APIs as you need and the consumption will not increase.

  • What specific features and capabilities does the Hubway Connect product offer?

    For a deep dive into the solution’s features, please refer to our Hubway Connect Product Datasheet. Please reach out to us at if you require this document in other languages.