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Customer Stories


Reports that were backlogged for months were delivered in less than a week

Serco Case Study

An app was live for almost a year and the company was manually generating reports for result analysis. The solution was based on having the product owner generate file extracts from the OutSystems database and process the reports manually through Excel.

An approach with a single point of failure (that could fail or get sick, travel, be busy etc), was prone to errors and that delayed the process.

Hubway Connect quickly created APIs that provide real-time information to their enterprise data visualisation tools, allowing the business management to refresh their own reports autonomously, replacing the manual and unstable task of generating and processing reports manually. The new reporting solution using data via the APIs generated by Hubway was ready and deployed to production in a matter of days.

An app was created in 2020, the beginning of the pandemic and it was in operation for over 2 years.

Reports were built out of the old app leveraging a data staging strategy built as a quick reaction to the situation. This data staging ended up generating a massive technical debt and demanded significant effort involving technical teams with developers and business intelligence teams to build reports.

The process of building reports involved several different components, such as heavy data synchronisation mechanism, data transformation with complex business logic, and connection with data visualisation tools.

The end to end process to generate the report was estimated to take at least 5 people from multiple teams to get the data working in the data visualisation tools. The team had to create this report quickly for an auditing process and it seemed to be an impossible mission with the time and the resources available.


Mission impossible reports delivered in time for auditing process

GPT Case Study


Financial reports generated in time for auditing process in days, not weeks

The OS solution was created to track hirer transactions for large volumes of tools and machinery. The data was critical to keeping track of the current state of projects. Several Excel reports needed to be developed, making it cumbersome to maintain and enhance with the evolution of the application.

Building these reports using traditional API development means that other important development would need to be deprioritised, pushing the release date further and implicating in a cost of 3 development days per report.

Hubway Connect enabled the BI team to extract required reports without any development effort. It also allowed them to create custom reports, including customer branding. In addition, their customers could create their own reports using the newly connected reporting tools.